Islands of Material Memory

Title: Crystal Kiss
Year Completed: 2015‚Ä®
Dimensions: Variable (White in Day, Glow in Dark Spots on Knot at night total length is 350ft long)
Encompassing the Greenhouse
Materials: Sand, Plastic Eggs, Latex and Glow in the Dark Paint, Fabric, 48 Crystal Prisms, Corrugated Drainage Tubing, Synthetic Fiber Sleeve, Cement, 12 Hallowed Out Egg Shells, Cotton Fiber, Plastic Tarp, Light
Description: Crystal Kiss installation was part of the Tilling Phase Group Exhibition, as a temporary sight-specific public artwork in Green House (May-July 2015) connected to the ArtWorks Now Art Center in Hyattsville, MD.

A tale of creation seen as the reflective ink surface collapses planes of space when the 2D vortex births 3D forms. This visual nonlinear narrative entertains ideas to compare: the metamorphosis of physical elements like water to that of consciousness operating on multiple planes of reality.

Made directly marking the passage of time from 2012 to 2013. Six triangles on either side of the semicircle balanced by the thirteenth as the transition marker.

Tension between strength and fragility having potential for coming in or out of existence by hatching or smashing "there is something between us".

Recognition of the space-time continuum, dismissing notions of linear time.

Stagnant Motion is reminiscent of intermittent chaos. Scattering effect. Circles: no beginning or end. The wooden disks are each painted differently on every individual plane; the play is in the balancing act of stillness with the potential force to move.

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